Why America is still Great


If you are reading the title of the blog you might be thinking ‘Oh great another blogger who is going to yawn on about the awesomeness of America.’  To certain extent you are correct, however, last time I checked my neck is not red and I do not have a poster of former President George W. Bush hanging over my bed (thank goodness).  Recently I returned home from Russia.  I was in Moscow for holiday.  The previous two years I visited various parts of Spain.  In my travels I have met some of the most inspiring and fun people.  However, traveling overseas has given me a greater appreciation for America.

While Russia and Spain are both free countries, America is the land of opportunity.  Yes, there are opportunities in Russia and Spain, but not like there are in America.  We can loose sight of this fact because the unemployment numbers, taxes, Obamacare, or whatever else the news media is blaring.  In America, you can make it with grit, determination, and mastering whatever skill set you have.  Sure, things have become more difficult to live or realize the American Dream since the housing crash of 2008.  However, there are a plethora of possibilities (Wow! Say that three times fast) in America compared to the rest of the world.

One man I met in Spain ran his own Communications business (he installed internet, phone, etc). He was losing money each month on his business and it was not until the workers in his field went on strike that he finally stopped bleeding money.  It was an eye opening experience for him.  Many middle class folk I spoke with in Russia talked about how they barely scraped by each month.  The people there deal with sky rocketing inflation, 3 hour commutes into Moscow because flats are expensive.  Many have resorted to second or third jobs to make a living.

Some reading that last paragraph might be thinking that is or was their life.  I know for me it was my life back in 2013.  I was an unemployed nobody and I did not have the skills to prosper in this economy.  However, I found out what I was good at, embraced it and am thankfully employed once again.  The economy is bad all over the world, it is a universal truth.  Yet one can make a change and start over or even reinvent themselves.  There are opportunities here.  While we might think those opportunities are slipping away or fleeting, they are there we have to reach out and grab them.

If you walk the halls of a university or turn on the news or even go down to your local coffee shop you might hear something negative about America or how things are going to Hell in a hand basket (why a hand basket I don’t know).  Whatever, side of the political coin you fall on, what still makes America is the opportunities it offers.  There are a great many more elements that make America great like freedom or Netflix (sorry I had to slip that in there).  I wanted to concentrate on this precious commodity called opportunity.  Thanks America and God Bless.


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Hey my name is S.D. Robb and I am a writer, blogger. I love writing action thrillers. This blog is dedicated to the fun and amazing world of writing.
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