The Trouble with James Bond Movie Lists


Recently I have had a hankering for some James Bond.  While I enjoyed Skyfall, I also cannot wait for Spectre to come out November 6th in the U.S.  I did what any major fan would do, I began watching all the 007 movies again and reading up on some ranking lists.  What I found was there is wide-spread disagreement on not only who is the best Bond but also what was the best picture.  I read the blogs from Rolling Stone to USA Today and came to a conclusion about all the opinions.  The are just opinions.  In fact I would have this criticism for the critics of some of the Bond movies, they were meant to be over the top and that is why we the fans love them.  Of course we all realize that exploding pens, jet packs, underwater cars, gondola stunts are not authentic and probably will never happen, but that is why I watch the movies because I want to see what I will never see in real life.

The beauty of Bond was to receive some fun and entertainment from the pictures.  None of us are secret agents, but in our dreams we all tout around a walther ppk equipped with silencer.  People hated Roger Moore’s treatment of Bond, especially the cheesy lines, but we all forget that Sean Connery had as many equally cheesy lines.  Dalton was too serious and Bronson could fight his way out of a paper bag.  Who cares?  I want the gum to explode the fish tank (Yes I know Mission Impossible, but you get the point).  If you are looking for Oscar worthy performances then this is not your film.  Of course we all know that when we sit in the chair, however, we act differently once the film rolls.  Movies are an escape from the doldrums of life and Bond has given me many fond memories through the years.

I love all the Bond movies and I believe lists do them an injustice however, I have my favorite ones over others.  I love Roger Moore but I cannot stand the “Man with the Golden Gun”. However, I’m thankful we have the film to see.  Was Guns N Roses’ Chinese Democracy a disappointment?  Of course!  But as time marches on I can appreciate the songs and what we have, because for far too long we had nothing.  I would rather have something rather than nothing.  There are few things in life that equal our expectations and we would all most likely agree that Chinese Democracy did not meet them, but I’m glad we have it, much like I’m thankful we have “The Man with the Golden Gun”, and bot the Timothy Dalton Bond movies, which were hard to watch.

The trouble with lists are that everyone has a different opinion, because it is just an opinion.  Am I thankful for the opinions?  Yes! I embrace the dialogue.  However, I dislike the dogmatic conclusions some authors make.  Ian Fleming gave the world a great vision of a new hero and I for one and grateful for it.  So thank you Fleming and the Bonds for cheering up my dull life.  I hope for more fun from the future pictures.


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