Connery or Moore? Who is the best Bond?


In a previous post I ranked all of the Bonds (check out that post here:  While I feel that Daniel Craig is fast becoming one of my favorite Bonds it is difficult to grade him any higher than #3 since he is still playing the role.  This leaves us with the two remaining Bonds, who are Sean Connery and Roger Moore.  I have read and heard arguments for both over the years.  However, for my money there is only one Bond who is the greatest.

2.) Sean Connery.  Yup! I put him here.  Why not number #1?  Many claim Connery should be number 1 because he was the first and they could not see any one else playing the role.  I can understand their point of view and appreciate it.  When I watch Dr. No or Goldfinger I have been blown away by Connery.  However, when I watched his other films I am not as impressed. Dr. No and Goldfinger were such iconic Bond films.  The movies themselves were done so well.  In some ways I felt at times that Connery’s Bond was overshadowed by his nemesis some movies, similarly to the most recent one, Skyfall.  Craig’s Bond is overshadowed by the excellent job by Javier Bardem.   Connery played the Bond role like a tough spy and for that he did do the job.   I believe the other reason why I rate Connery lower is because he made that terrible non-offical Bond, Never Say Never. I am still pretty upset about that one.

1.)  Roger Moore.  I will be honest and confess that I am a Roger Moore fan and therefore, this could cloud my judgment.  Nevertheless, Moore always held his own with the other actors.  He brought a charm and personality to the role.  He was not just a spy with a license to kill.  I believe that is what made him the best.  Moore did make some terrible Bond movies like The Man with the Golden Gun and a View to a Kill (which was better than the Golden Gun but not the greatest Bond picture).  However, he always seemed to bounce back.  Plus he made the bad films watchable.  In the Bond pictures we all know there will be a chase scene and explosions, but Moore made it all fun.  Bond is a complex character and I felt Moore did a great job bringing out all sides of Bond in his movies.  Connery was a great Bond too, but I felt that Moore wins in a close race.

Your opinions are welcomed.  Who is the best Bond for you and why?


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4 Responses to Connery or Moore? Who is the best Bond?

  1. Ican never pick my fav bond, it depends on my mood. Connery is the old school spy in russia with love with his pass words and old fashion spy way. Moore is the swagger

  2. Out of those two, Connery. However, I’ll take Pierce Brosnan over Connery but just one martini, shaken, not stirred.

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