The Disappearance of Jennifer Douglas

Hey this is a free story that I have been writing on my blog.  It is the very first draft.  I hope you enjoy it.  © SD Robb All Rights Reserved.

It was a Colt 45, which was in Kimberley’s hand.  The barrel was pointed at Houston Wade.  Wade had been in many tight and difficult situations before, but nothing like this.  His mind was racing.

“Calm down! Everything is going to be okay.”  Wade said hoping his words would comfort Kimberley.  He continued, “There are many people at home who are looking forward to having you home safe tonight.  Let’s make that happen.”  He was not sure what Kimberley was thinking.  In fact, he could not figure out the right words to say. “Look your dad hired me to come and…”

“I don’t care about my father.”  Kimberley said very stoically.

“I don’t follow Kimberley.  You don’t want to go home.”  Wade asked.

“So he didn’t tell you anything?”  Kimberley asked coldly.

“I don’t understand.  Your father hired me to bring his little girl and…”

“I’m not his little girl.  You are not going to bring me home.”

“What the hell am I doing here then?”  Wade asked.

“I don’t know, but you go back and tell that animal of a father that I am Robbie’s now.”

The words hung in the air, like a fog.  Wade stood there awkwardly for a second trying to figure what he should do.  It was then that he felt a crack from a two-by-four on his shoulder.  Robbie had stood up and hit Wade, however, he missed Wade’s head.  Wade fell to the ground as Kimberley stepped in between begging Robbie to stop.  Kimberley may have had a chilly demeanor, but she did not want to see anyone get hurt needlessly.

Wade laid on the cement flooring for a minute.  He looked up and saw the two arguing.  He knew they were talking about what to do with him.  In a daze, Wade pulled out his gun.  He was not about to allow someone else decide his fate.  Robbie immediately disarmed Kimberley and pulled her close to him.  She had a gun to her head.

“What are going to do?”  Robbie shouted at Wade.  Wade knew what was happening and he wanted no part of it.  His gut was telling him that these two were some kind of love with each other.   He simply got up and walked past them and back up the stairs to the back yard.  Robbie and Kimberley stood there in the middle of the basement bewildered.

“What are you going to do?”  Robbie shouted again in desperation.

Wade stopped at the top of the stairs.  He turned and said, “I am going to go have a drink.  This is too messed up for me.”  Robbie and Kimberley looked at each and were unsure about what to do.  Houston Wade was not going to play their sick game.  He was going to return to Paul Janson’s house in the morning and try to patch things up.

Wade walked the streets of Long Island that night until he ended up at Paul’s house.  His soul was troubled.  He took another drink from his flask.  He marched up Paul’s long driveway.  It was 1:00 AM.  It had been raining outside.  Wade stepped upon the porch and nearly slipped.  He stumbled to the door and knocked.  He could hear the echo of the door.

Wade stood there for five minutes.  He wondered if the family was away and he should leave.  He took a few steps down the porch toward the driveway, when he heard the door open.  He turned and saw a very drunken Paul standing in the doorway.  A bottle of Jack Daniels was in his hands.  Wade considered leaving, but knew that Paul needed to know.

“You found out didn’t you?”  Paul yelled out to Wade. Wade stared at Paul.  “What do you know Paul?”

Paul took another drink, “I know my little girl is running around with that backstabbing wide receiver.”

“So you hired me to embarrass them?  Why?”  Wade asked.

Paul took another drink, but this one was a long chug.  “I don’t have anything left Wade.  My wife left me this week.  The bank is going to foreclose on this house and then I find out that my little girl has run off with that creep.”  Paul’s eyes were filled with tears.  He had mismanaged his money and his career had been cut short due to a knee injury.  Paul had taken a great many shots to the head during his seven year career.  His mind had been bruised and his body was broken.  He was a shell of the giant of a man he had been.

Wade was probably the worst person Paul could have been talking to.  Wade had just gone through a divorce and had been forced into early retirement.  His only comfort had been his flask in his right jacket pocket.  “Look Paul, I know things look bad now but…” Wade was unable to finish his sentence because Paul had taken his gun from his back pocket.  In one motion, Paul raised it to his mouth and pulled the trigger.  Wade stood there in the rain for about an hour.  He pondered the option of death himself.  However, for whatever reason he decided to live and walked away.

It was these thoughts and memories that flooded Wade’s mind as he considered the next step in the Jennifer Douglas case.  The turmoil in his heart was tearing him up.  However, Wade knew he was close to the truth and he had to find out no matter the outcome.


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Hey my name is S.D. Robb and I am a writer, blogger. I love writing action thrillers. This blog is dedicated to the fun and amazing world of writing.
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2 Responses to The Disappearance of Jennifer Douglas

  1. cdmyers00 says:

    Hey, great start. Fascinating beginning. One thing to think about, I’ve been told that today’s editors and publishers don’t like “-ly” words much. Take it for what it’s worth. Also thanks for stopping by and liking my piece.

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