The Disappearance of Jennifer Douglas

This is the continuing free story about a young woman, who goes missing.  © SD Robb All Rights Reserved.

Houston Wade woke up with a pounding headache.  He had felt these headaches before, however, this time he was not hungover.  He reached for his flask, but his arms were tied behind his back.  It was dark in the basement.  Wade thought he was alone.  Then he heard the sound.  There was someone else in the room.

“Who’s there?  I freaking cannot see anything down here.”  Wade called out.

“Who are you?”  A voice called out meekly.

“I’m Houston Wade.  Are you Kimberley?”


“What can you tell me about this creep?” There was a long pause.  Wade did not know what was happening.  “Are you still there?”  He called out.  What Wade had not realized was that Kimberley’s abductor was standing behind him.  Wade heard the breathing and he knew it was the man.  The man bent down and his face become clear in the dime light.  It was Robbie Dunkell.  Robbie had been a wide-receiver back in the day for the Giants first Superbowl championship.  Robbie was a late round draft pick in 1984 out Morehead State in Kentucky.  He was a special teamer his first year, but due to injuries he received significant playing time the next season.  That season was the Giants first run at a championship.  Wade had always admired little Robbie Dunkell’s spunk and drive.  Robbie had been an inspiration to every short New York kid growing up in those years.  Everyone loved the quarterback, but everyone dreamt of being the wide-receiver with the story.

Robbie had not aged well and was not as recognizable.  However, Wade knew him as soon as he smiled.  “You are probably wondering why I am here.  I guess I should ask you the same question.”  Robbie said in a solum tone.

“Hey look Robbie, I mean no disrespect, but what the Hell is going on here!”  Wade demanded.  “I mean you caught that touchdown that was tipped in the back of the End Zone in the Superbowl.  You’re a hero to New York.  Now you have Paul’s daughter in a basement?”  Wade said in disbelief.

“It is a funny thing about being a hero.  People expect so much from their heroes.  When they are done with them, they toss them out like old trash.  I would not expect you to understand.  But I do expect for you is to die.”  Robbie raised his knife to strike Wade.

Wade was looking into the eyes of a monster.  There was nothing human in Robbie’s eyes any more.  The joyful kid catching touchdowns that fall of 1985 was no longer there.  The mighty hero had sunken into the depths of the abyss.

Wade had been a Boy Scout back in the day and he always remembered to be prepared.  Preparation was the difference between being alive and being dead.  Wade had a short stubby knife that he kept in his wrist for such occasions.  He had been using it to cut through the rope.  Robbie was coming down on him with the knife when Wade’s hands busted through the rope.  He remembered that Robbie had a knee injury, which cut his career short, therefore, he punched him hard in the knee.  Robbie collapsed.  Wade kicked him in the face for good measure.

Kimberley was sitting in the darkness observing everything.  Wade took a step towards her and noticed that something was off.  All of his detective training was warning him.  He could not put his finger on it.  He took another step and came face to face with a gun.


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Hey my name is S.D. Robb and I am a writer, blogger. I love writing action thrillers. This blog is dedicated to the fun and amazing world of writing.
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