The Disappearance of Jennifer Douglas

Hey this is a free story that I have been writing on my blog.  It is the very first draft.  I hope you enjoy it.  © SD Robb All Rights Reserved.

The clock on the wall at the local Starbucks read half-past six.  It was evening.  Time was beginning to slip away.  Wade sat in the corner going over his notes from the day.  He was going to have to talk to the parents soon and update them.  He was hoping to avoid it, until we could receive a lead of some kind.

His cell phone buzzed.  It was Buddy.  “Tell me you have some good news.”

“I do and I don’t.  There are many girls, who have gone missing in that area.  There are four in the last two years nearby Jennifer’s home and more of them on the other side of town.”

“Do you think there is a possibility that they are related?”  Wade asked.

“I don’t know.  There is really nothing tying them together except for the fact that these girls about the same age.  They are young, beautiful, and have a lot to live for.”

“I bet you anything that they are all connected.  I think we have a serial kidnapping.”  Wade asserted.

“Whoa! Settle down there Wade.  Let’s not jump to any drastic conclusions here.”

“Jump to conclusions?  Look I have a ticking clock and this girl may still be alive.  I have no leads.  I have to jump to something otherwise I am wasting my time.”

“Alright Wade.  I get you.  Now look there is one girl, who escaped her assailant, but they could never track down the suspect.”

“You got a name?”

“Sandra Hershey.”

“Now we are talking.”

“Wade, please take some friendly advice.  Don’t let this thing eat you alive, like the Kimberly Janson case.  I do not want to bury a friend.”

Wade understood what Buddy was communicating.  “Look do not worry about me, Buddy.  I am not the same guy I was then.”

“I know, that is why I am worried.”

Wade sighed.  “Okay Buddy, point taken.”

Wade hung up the phone and sat there in silence for a minute.  His mind drifted back to the Kimberly Janson case.  Kimberly had been a beautiful young college student, who went missing.  Wade had just taken an early retirement from the police department.  His wife had left him that same year.  Wade’s life was spinning out of control and that was when he got a call from Kimberly’s parents.  Kimberly’s dad had played from the New York Giants back in the day.  His name was Paul Janson. He was starting left guard on their first Superbowl run in the mid-1980s.  Wade a lifelong Giants fan had admired Paul’s work ethic and ability.

Wade stood in the doorway of Paul’s house and watched him cry like a baby.  Wade took a few steps toward Paul and gave him a hug.  Wade had never hugged another man before nor since, but this was a special circumstance.  Kimberly meant the world to Paul.  Paul had meant the world to Wade years before.  Wade was determined not to let Paul down.

Wade discovered enough clues, which led him to a house on Long Island.  One of Wade’s former informants had tipped Wade off about a man he knew.  Wade’s gut had told him that Kimberly was there.  Wade was going to put an end to the nightmare.

The house sat at the end of the block.  It was a rainy day in March.  The rain brought a chill to the air.  Wade parked down the street and went down an alley that went past the suspect man’s house.  Wade wanted to catch him off guard.

The house was two stories and had been built back in the 1950’s.  There was a back porch with a fence around it as well as a basement. There was access to the basement from the backyard.  Wade crept to the side of the house and looked into a window.  He spotted the man talking on the tell phone.  It was an opportunity.

Wade surveyed the fence and found a few loose boards in it.  He wiggled himself through the fence and into the backyard.  He quickly ran to the door of the basement and pick the lock.  Wade had picked up a few tricks from the criminals he’d arrested over the years.  He threw back the doors and went down the dark staircase.  He flicked on his lighter and was surprised by what he saw.  Before he could react he felt a board hit his face.


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Hey my name is S.D. Robb and I am a writer, blogger. I love writing action thrillers. This blog is dedicated to the fun and amazing world of writing.
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