The Disappearance of Jennifer Douglas

Hey this is a free story that I have been writing on my blog.  It is the very first draft.  I hope you enjoy it.  © SD Robb All Rights Reserved.

Beatrice thought for a minute and finally said, “There was one person who comes to mind.  I had seen them in here quite often.  However, I cannot tell you if the person is a man or woman.  They are short, like a little bit taller than five foot.  Also they are very thin with little to no muscle mass.  Usually they wear unisex clothes and a baseball cap and of course glasses.”

Wade furiously wrote the description down.  Finding Jennifer was going to be even more difficult than he first suspected.  He was looking for a person that nobody would notice or care to interact with.  This person wanted to blend in.

“One more question ma’am.  What did this person order?”

Beatrice did not hesitate, “A grande no foam latte.  They get it every day.”

Wade left the Starbucks and stood outside on the sidewalk thinking through the case.  He has no real leads.  Her apartment is absent of clues.  His description of a suspect is inconclusive.  Wade felt overwhelmed with the pressure.  He pulled out Jennifer’s picture.  She was such a happy woman.  Jennifer was full of life.  A tear began to roll down his cheek as he stared at the picture.  “Pull yourself together Wade.”  He said.  He put the picture back into his coat pocket and pulled out his flask.  He took a quick chug and then remembered a buddy of his, who owed him a favor.  He gave him a call.

Buddy Handy had been a cop for almost as long as Wade was.  They were partners for over twenty years.  Buddy knew Wade inside and out.  Buddy was always willing to lend a hand to Wade.

Buddy was a much shorter than Wade, but with a stronger, stocky physique.  He was face was well worn from the sun and hardness of his job.  His once beautiful long black locks were now turning gray.  However, Buddy was not the type to dye his hair.  He would embrace any color if he had to, just as long as he got to keep his hair.  Buddy was sitting at his desk when he received a call from an old friend.

“Hey Buddy, this is Houston…”

“Yup I know who it is.  How are you doing you old dog?”

“Great!  I’m in a time crunch so we gotta forgo the small talk.”

“Typical Wade.  All work.  Alright want do you got?”

“I have a girl, who has disappeared.”  Wade said.

“Girls go off the radar all the time.  Why is this such a big deal?” Buddy asked.

“I don’t know how to say it, but this is different.  My gut tells me she has been kidnapped.  You know my gut and how it works.”

“Sadly I do and I know that it seems to have it’s own orbit too if I remember correctly.”  Buddy jabbed at Wade.

“Yeah, yeah.  Just help me out by looking up the number of missing girls here in the Orlando area in the last two years.”  Wade asked.

“Got it!  What do you hope to find?”  Buddy asked.

“I hope to find my kidnapper’s mistake.”



About sdrobbiswriting

Hey my name is S.D. Robb and I am a writer, blogger. I love writing action thrillers. This blog is dedicated to the fun and amazing world of writing.
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