The continuing story of the Disappearance of Jennifer Douglas

Hey this is a free story that I have been writing on my blog.  It is the very first draft.  I hope you enjoy it.  © SD Robb All Rights Reserved.

Wade sat inside the Starbucks sipping on dark roast cup of coffee.  He disliked the taste of the regular blend.  The dark roast had a smooth rick taste to it.  He sat at a table jotting notes down on his notepad.  Biding his time until the rush died down enough for him to ask a few questions.  Whoever this person was who kidnapped Jennifer had known much about her.

Normally in police work they would start with those closest to the person and work their way out, however, this case was different.  This was that rare, odd case where nobody saw anything and there are no clues left behind.  The coffee shop in many ways was a last ditch effort for hope.

The line was dying down and Wade saw his opportunity.  He jumped up and asked Kimberly at the cashier a question, “Hi, my name is Houston Wade and you have a customer that comes in here pretty regularly a tall blonde.  Oh here is a picture of her.  Have you noticed anything strange happening when she is here?”

“Um this is like my first day here or something.  Let me get my manager and she can like answer your question.”  Kimberly said in a valley girl tone.

“Yeah that would be like great.”  Wade responded mockingly, however, his joke was lost on Kimberly.

Beatrice McKinney had been a school teacher for many years was now retired, but went back to work after the stock crash of 2008.  Her and Fred (her husband) had lost much.  Instead of enjoying their golden years traveling, she rolled up her sleeves and went back to work.  Fred went back to work as well greeting customers at the local Walmart.

“Hi ma’am, my name is Houston Wade and I am a private investigator.  Have you seen this young lady?”  Wade held the picture of Jennifer out to Beatrice.

“Hmm…yup I sure have.  She comes in here almost everyday.  She orders the same thing too.  Something happened to her?”

“Yes as a matter of fact.  Have you ever noticed anyone out of the ordinary following her or staring at her?”

“Besides all the guys who turn their heads when she walks in?  No. Well I take that back there is an odd little fella that is usually here everyday sitting over in that far corner reading the paper.  But you can tell they are window shopping.”

“Window shopping?”

“Yes window shopping.  Waiting for that blonde girl to walk.  Then they just stare at her like she was a piece of meat.”

“Can you describe this person?”  Wade finally had a break in the case.


About sdrobbiswriting

Hey my name is S.D. Robb and I am a writer, blogger. I love writing action thrillers. This blog is dedicated to the fun and amazing world of writing.
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