Continuing story of The Disappearance of Jennifer Douglas

This post is the third page of the free story.  SD Robb © All rights reserved.  I hope you enjoy it.

Patty Sinclair sat her desk and nervously watched the clock.  It was five minutes after 9 AM.  She glanced over to Jennifer’s desk and there was no sign of her.  She understand that Mr. Rupert loved punctuality. Jennifer had never been late before to work, in fact she regularly beat everyone including Mr. Rupert.

George Rupert stood in his office looking out at the desks.  He was chewing a piece of gum and giving it a good workout.  George had been a military man back in the day.  He had gone through several tours in Vietnam.   He was disciplined, which is why he thought of Jennifer like a daughter.  She seemed as if she could have been his daughter.  His stomach began uneasily churning.  He had a key made for her since she would routinely be at the office door waiting for him to arrive.

Several hours passed and still there was no sign of Jennifer.  A few phones calls had been made but there was no response.  Finally George had Patty call Jennifer’s family.  Surely someone had made contact with her.

Rachel Douglas was making preparations for a church bake sale for later that week when her phone rang.  Rachel and Jennifer’s dad, Tom, had been married for 27 years.  They were high school sweet hearts.  Tom was wrestler and Rachel played in the school marching band.  Tom routinely got to the high school football games early to secretly watch Rachel play.  Upon graduating from high school, Tom took a job with his father’s construction company and Rachel took a few courses at the community college.  By the end of that first summer after high school, they were engaged to be married.  They got married in a small out door wedding the next Spring.  A later they were blessed with Jennifer.  A year after Jennifer, they were blessed again with another little girl, Clara.  The Douglas’ raised their daughters to have small town values and to always be polite. Therefore, when the phone rang and it was Jennifer’s coworker Rachel began to worry about her daughter.

Tom was at a construction site when his phone rang.  At first he was not able to understand the caller.  He then realized it was Rachel and that something bad had happened.

“What is it sweetie?”  Tom asked.

“Jennifer’s work called and she has not come in today.  Plus I called her phone and it went straight to voicemail.”  Rachel said between tears.

Tom knew he had to calm Rachel down.  There was not any proof that Jennifer was missing or that something bad had happened.  “Okay dearie, let me go run over there and see if I can find anything out.  Let’s not panic just yet.”  Tom’s words were reassuring to Rachel, however, Tom feared the worst.

Tom drove over to Jennifer’s apartment and broke just about every driving law imaginable.  He may have feared the worst, but also clung on to hope that Jennifer was sick or may have been for once wreck less and did something crazy like go to Las Vegas on a whim.  However, when he opened her apartment door he saw everything as it should be.  Her car was still gone.  Yet something did not add up.  Something was deadly wrong.


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