Continuing the Story

This is a continuation of an earlier post “The Disappearance of Jennifer Douglas.”  It is a free continuing story.  SD Robb © All Rights Reserved

Jennifer went to bed that night.  Her mind drifted to her hopes and dreams of marrying Brian.  The weekend they spent together in Miami had been so much fun.  They took a long walk on the beach to take in the beauty at sun down.  He held her hand and made promises to her for their future.  It was a precious moment for both of them.

It was late as Brian walked to his car.  It was warm Orlando evening.  He arrived at his car and noticed something or someone off in the distance behind one of the buildings.  It was difficult to see because it was dark in the parking lot.  Brian shrugged his shoulders.  He assumed it was some sort of animal.  Deer had been known to creep into surrounding communities of Orlando.  He started his car and drove away.  Little did Brian know that he had every right to be suspicious that night.

The car drove away and the person behind the building came out of the darkness.  It was early in the morning and they knew Jennifer would be up soon.  They checked their watch to double check they had the time and her routine down.  Jennifer was a cautious girl, but she stayed with her routine.

Brian was driving down the road and his gut was stirring in him.  He knew he had to call Jennifer.  Whatever it was that he saw was bothering him.  It did not make sense for a deer to be those apartments.  It had to be a person.  Someone up to no good.  Brian wanted to make sure Jennifer was safe.  He picked up the phone and called her.  Straight to voice mail.  He called again and again got the voicemail.  Finally he left a message.  He hoped that what he saw was nothing.

6 am comes early when a person has a great weekend.  For Jennifer it was usual wake up time.  She rubbed the sleep from eyes.  It was going to be a long day at work.  She got on her treed mill and began running.  The coffee pot made it’s usual four cups of coffee.  She got ready and was heading out the door at 7:30 am.  Traffic in Orlando had been getting worse each day and she knew she would have to get a move on if she was to be on time.

The weather was muggy that morning.  The humidity was difficult to escape.  A person had to get from their home to their car quickly to avoid sweating.  However, in the summer it was difficult to escape the weather.

Jennifer walked to her car, which was in the parking lot across from her apartment.  Most residents did not get out of their homes until 8:30 am at the very latest.  Jennifer was a real-go-getter and always arrived at work early and left late.  She cared about her career in Pharmaceutical sales.  She felt pride in knowing that she was helping people.  It was a career that was going to take her places.

She never saw it coming.  A quick blow to her head and the assailant placed her in her car.  It happened so quickly that Jennifer had no time to react.  Her car pulled out it’s place and turned the opposite direction of her work that day.


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Hey my name is S.D. Robb and I am a writer, blogger. I love writing action thrillers. This blog is dedicated to the fun and amazing world of writing.
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