The Fourth Page

Here is the fourth and a little more of the new book.  Read and let me know your opinion.  The book is coming out this summer and it is called, “The Inferno Corporation.”  Currently I am looking for someone to help with a cover design.  If you know someone or can make recommendations then let me know.   Thank you.

“Yes she would.”  Abraham’s answer now made him all the more unsettled.  He began to pace back and forth in the doorway.  Tony’s gut was growing uneasy.  He glanced at Jackson and he shook his head.  There seemed to be something suspicious that occurred.  They realized the old man could be right; therefore they kept their guard up.  They thoroughly searched the bedroom of the small apartment.  As they walked closer to the location of the note in question, an eerie feeling began to overwhelm the officers. Something sinister had taken place in the apartment.  They beheld the note lying there on the nightstand.  Jackson put on his rubber gloves and picked it up.  They both examined it carefully.  It was in fact written in blood.  It read, ‘I collect pretty things.’ Both officers looked at each other perplexed.  They looked back at Abraham, who was standing in the doorway, in hopes that he had some additional information.  His deer-in-the-headlights look confirmed what they had feared.  Then Jackson caught something strange out of the corner of his eye.  At first the sight did not register.  He knew it did not belong there.  He turned and gave the sight his complete attention.  It was a massive and stunning sight as it begged for their attention.  Jackson took a moment to take in the image and message.

“Tony, I need you to come look at this.”

“What is your problem Jack…Oh…what is that?”  Tony was flabbergasted by the image.

“It’s a message.”

“To whom?”

“To us.”

The image was a Polaroid picture taped to a huge mirror in the bathroom area right off the bedroom.  The officers approached closer, they noticed clearly what it said.   It read, “You seek what you cannot find, because you do not know what you seek.” The message was written in what appeared to be the same blood as the note.   Tony looked at Jackson as he processed what he just read.  Jackson crept closer to the Polaroid taped to the mirror.  It was still somewhat dark in the room.  He flipped the light switch to inspect this picture closer.  After looking at the picture for several minutes he called out to Tony, who was still staring at the message.  “Tony, ask Abe what Jennifer Brown looks like.”  Tony then called over to Abraham still standing by the doorway “Hey Abe, what does this Jennifer girl look like?”

“Uh well…she’s about 5’10 slender with blonde hair down to her shoulders and she has a darker complexion.  Oh she has dimples.”

“You hear that Jackson?” asked Tony.

“Yeah I do…I think this picture is of her then.”  Jackson replied.  Tony now approached as he held one hand back signally to Abraham to stay back.

“What you got?”

“See for yourself.”

Within an instant, Tony’s stomach dropped as he gazed into the face of Jennifer Brown, who was half-naked hanging upside-down in a crucifixion pose.  Shock and awe of the image propelled them to stare at it.  Their minds could not comprehend what they were seeing.  Five minutes later, Tony grabbed his radio and called in what he saw.   In about five minutes the entire apartment complex was swarming with police officers and detectives.

Drew Casey was the lead Detective for the Jennifer Brown suspected crime scene.  He was a distinguished detective with the NYPD for about twenty years.  He wore a tan trench coat with matching tan fedora.  The fedora covered his baldhead.  The cool fall breeze made it tough to not have something on his head.  He had started to lose his hair years ago; therefore, he began to shave his head to mask his baldness.  Casey had played football at the University of Buffalo.  He had been a running back, who was starting to get attention from the NFL scouts his senior year.  He had been lightly recruited because he had grown up in Skaneateles, a town in upstate New York.   It is a small town of just over 7,000 people.  The University of Toronto had recruited him as well as Buffalo, but the major Division One schools never knew about him.  After junior year, which saw him rush for 1,832 yards and score 15 touchdowns, he had caught everyone’s attention.  The stage was set for him to finally receive the recognition he longed for.  However, a severe hit to his knee ended his career too early.  He felt the need to prove something to any one he could.   Casey only smoked the Macanudo cigars because he loved the smooth, mellow taste.  He was working on one when he entered the Brown residence.  He looked around and assessed the situation.


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