The third page

This is the third page of my upcoming book, “The Inferno Corporation.”

Abraham Silver was an older man in his late sixties.  His wife had passed on many years earlier.  He was a short man, who often dilly-dallied around while annoying the fast-movers of New York with his turtle-like pace.   Abraham had migrated to America more than forty years earlier.  He came to manage the apartment complex on the Lower East Side through hard work, dedication, and loyalty to the previous owner.  The apartment was comprised of older folks who were either retired or close to retirement.  When Jennifer applied to rent a place there, many of the tenants felt that she was a breath of fresh air for the old, drab complex that they all lived in.


The police cruiser stopped outside the building right when Abraham was opening the entrance to the complex.  Tony O’Leary and Jackson Murphy were some of New York’s finest police officers.  However, both of them wondered why an older gentleman called the police about a bloody note.  They had wondered if the old man was just seeing things.  The operator had told them to check it out as a favor to her.  They both begrudgingly agreed.  They opened the doors of the police cruiser only to be greeted by an anxious Abraham crossing the street to meet them.

“Hello sir, did you call 911 about some bloody note?”  Tony asked.

“Yes, yes sir it is upstairs in apartment 412.  It disturbed me greatly and it makes me think something has happened to her.”

Tony and Jackson both looked at each other and thought the old man was beginning to lose his marbles.

“Okay pops we’ll check it for you.”  Tony said with a hint of sarcasm.  Abraham looked him in the eye and ignored the patronizing comment.

“This way, gentleman.”  He said with a hint of dignity.  He led the two officers up to Jennifer’s unit.  He could not help but think that he would trade it all in to have Jennifer safe and sound in her place.  Then again, he thought maybe there was a logical explanation to this note and that quite possibly Jennifer had stayed at a friend’s place.  She had been known to do that sort of thing.  Maybe he acted too impulsively by calling the police.  Yet his thoughts kept coming back to the horrible, bloody note.  Something must have happened. Abraham was almost positive of it.

They arrived at apartment 412 and Abraham opened the door.   He turned to the officers while he pointed in the direction of the note and said, “That is where I found the note, by the nightstand.”  The officers stepped inside and looked around.  They noticed the microwave in the kitchen.  Jackson checked the noodles, lukewarm.  He noticed that it appeared as if the microwave was opened before the timer ran out.  What was strange was that the cup of noodles was left in it.  He joined Tony and continued to look around.  Everything seemed to be a little too messy.  “Mr. Silver, was the chain locked on the door?”  Tony shouted over.

Abraham pondered for a minute, “No.  I don’t believe it was.”

“Would this tenant normally have it locked?”


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