The importance of Editing

Everything sounds good in my head as I write.  Things even read better when I go back over what I have just written.  The problem is that I am the problem.  If you are like me you love to write.  I have found a passion for writing that I never knew existed.  Editing though is and has been my Achilles heel.

In this new world of blogging and self-publishing, it has become imperative to have someone edit your work.  Spell check catches many mistakes.  The problem though is that a word can be spelled correctly, but it could make no sense in the sentence.  Or a word could be omitted.

A second pair of eyes is always the way to go.  Below are some suggestions for finding someone to edit the cheap way:

1. Go to the local university or college and speak to an English professor.  They may have some students who need to make some extra cash.

2.  Use social media to find someone who could be your editor.  Go through your contacts on Facebook or Twitter.

3.  Friends or Family can be helpful and probably the cheapest route to go.  However, they may not be the most experienced or professional to go to.

It is always good to have an extra set of eyes looking at your work.  They can offer suggestions, which can enhance your book or article.  Personally I have learned this lesson the tough way.  I should have known better, but I thought ‘I got this.’  However, I learned from the errors of my writing.  Hopefully these suggestions will help you as they have me.  Thanks.


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Hey my name is S.D. Robb and I am a writer, blogger. I love writing action thrillers. This blog is dedicated to the fun and amazing world of writing.
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2 Responses to The importance of Editing

  1. Seyi sandra says:

    It does, sometimes when I thought, ‘I got this,’ and my editor exposes an elusive flaw, I was always surprised! Good post, thanks for sharing!

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