Reviews, reviews, and reviews


If you’re a writer/author then you understand that a review can make or break your book or whatever it is you are selling.  Every book I have read about writing has taught me a few timeless truths.  The first timeless truth is that your first book will probably be terrible.  That can be a bitter pill to swallow. However, you need to keep writing.  The more you write the better you will become.  The more you will learn how to put your characters in interesting situations.  You will figure out the rate at which you should release information to the reader.  Pacing is everything for a novel.  In many ways it is an art form.    Right now I am on the verge of finishing my second novel, “The Inferno Corporation”.   I already saw a major difference from the first book after a few chapters.

The second timeless truth is that you need to realize that you will get reject letters and bad reviews.  If you are a first time author it can sting.  It will in some ways be difficult to handle.  However, you should keep writing.  The bad reviews and the reject letters can serve to motivate the writer to prove people wrong.  Writing is art, skill that in many ways takes a while to develop.

The last bit of advice I can give is about price point.  This is my personal philosophy so take it with a grain of salt.  If you are a first time author and you want to build your base I would encourage you to price your book at .99 cents.  The reason being is that if people like it they will most likely buy another book from you.  The price point of .99 cents is safe for customers to try it out as well as easily affordable.  If people like it then they feel like they found a diamond in the rough.  If people do not like it then really it was only .99 cents.  However, one author said it is your work so price it the way you feel comfortable with.

Reviews are only someone’s opinion.  It is an opinion that sadly can make or break your book.  Nevertheless, keep on writing and you will churn out that bestseller.


About sdrobbiswriting

Hey my name is S.D. Robb and I am a writer, blogger. I love writing action thrillers. This blog is dedicated to the fun and amazing world of writing.
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