What is the Voice?


Let me first write that I know what “The Voice” the TV show is.   I have never seen it nor do I care to.  When I write about “the voice” I am writing about the inner voice inside all of us.  It is the voice that speaks to and pushes us.  In writing “the voice” is the writer’s most powerful tool.  It is the guide for the story that is being typed on a keyboard or written on paper.

However, there are many differing opinions about “how to write” a story/ book.  Many authors opt to plan the entire book out while others opt for letting “the voice” tell them where to go.  Recently I read Secrets of Successful Writers, which was edited by Darrell Pitt.  I cannot recommend the book enough to every new writer.  Darrell interviews many successful writers and what aided them to have success.  One question Darrell asked most of the writers was how they went about writing a book (the process).  Each writer seemed to fall into one of two categories, either plan the book or let “the voice” tell the story.  There were pros and cons for both that each writer made.

One writer said something that changed my view about planning a book.  He said he was 30,000 words into a book when he had to abandon the book because the story was not there.  He expressed frustration, because of the wasted time.  He changed his view to more of a plan the book out system to ensure he did not waste time again.  While writing my first book I allowed the characters/ the voice to tell the story.  It worked!  However, it was 24,000 plus words into my new novel that I realized I had better plan the rest of the book or it could end in the next chapter.  I do both now.  I allow the voice to guide, and I have a loose plan of the book.  I give myself permission to stray from the plan because often the voice guides me to something better.  In the end whatever works for you will be the best writing system for you.


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Hey my name is S.D. Robb and I am a writer, blogger. I love writing action thrillers. This blog is dedicated to the fun and amazing world of writing.
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