What I have learned about writing thus far?



English has always been very difficult for me.  Growing up in Indiana I was a terrible student.  The thought of reading, let alone writing terrified me.  Things did not change for me until after college, however, it was when I was in college that I had a teacher of English Literature who changed my perspective, Mrs. Debra Young.  It was junior year and I had put off taking English Literature, worse still was that I had to do American Literature as well.

Nevertheless, my fears of English Literature found no sure footing.  Mrs. Young was an amazing teacher, who brought to life the authors as well as the stories they wrote.  It is funny how life goes sometimes.  The very things you fear are the very things that you find yourself doing.  This past weekend I revisited my first book that I wrote.  While I was happy with the accomplishment, I also realized that I needed to edit it again.  During the past year in preparation of writing I read many books on the ‘how to’ of it and I learned that a good teacher of writing is the writer.  The more you write the better you get.  As I work on my second book, first full novel I am already seeing a difference in the work I am doing as opposed to the first book.

The best advice for writers is as they say, “Keep writing.”  You’ll learn, grow, and may be even cry at some point.  The rewards of writing cannot be compared to anything.  It is an unexpected joy that I never thought I would know.


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Hey my name is S.D. Robb and I am a writer, blogger. I love writing action thrillers. This blog is dedicated to the fun and amazing world of writing.
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3 Responses to What I have learned about writing thus far?

  1. mybroom says:

    I hear you, it really is a joy to write, cheers G

  2. K says:

    I’ve hit a wall today since I haven’t been writing (in opposition to the exquisite energy flow I felt during November when I wrote over 50K words). I will be happy to get back to it. Like developing any skill or talent, writing takes practice! I agree. Great post! 🙂 Happy writing!!!

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