Who is Houston Wade?



For my first novella, I introduced a character in the second chapter by the name of Houston Wade.  In that chapter I let Wade speak for himself.  In fact, I let Wade speak for himself throughout the novella, which is why when he speaks the grammar is terrible.  Every time he opens his mouth to speak I can envision him speaking and I wanted him to tell it the way he would.  Wade is an extremely dysfunctional person, however, he does have a good heart.  He can be politically incorrect at times or most of the time.  To me he represents the brokenness that many of us feel from time to time.  Albeit, he is crass and insensitive at times.  He is a drunk, and he knows it.  However, he is not ready to change.

He is my favorite character in the book because he is so colorful and says what he thinks when he thinks it.  Even if what he is saying is inappropriate.  I found myself thinking, that he would be a character if in real life I had the opportunity I would love to hang out with.  As you read the book know his heart is in the right place even if he comes across a bit loud and obnoxious.


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